WEG Update On Integrity Initiative

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The Woodbine Entertainment Group has provided a new update in regard to the recently announced Standardbred Racing Integrity and Accountability Initiative (SRIAI).

The contents of the update appear below.

Woodbine Entertainment Update On Integrity Initiative (SRIAI) – February 8, 2018

Further to the announcement last month, Woodbine Entertainment is working through the specifics of the Standardbred Racing Accountability and Integrity Initiative (SRIAI). The principles are being worked through very thoughtfully with our racing regulators, the AGCO.

Woodbine Entertainment appreciates the extraordinary support and encouragement to proceed from the Standardbred racing industry participants. The valuable feedback received from owners and trainers will help us, along with the AGCO, to build upon these underlying principles to achieve the overall intent of SRIAI for our stakeholders. As such, we will continue to work through the regulatory details with the AGCO in the coming months, with a view to continuing our commitment to deliver the highest level of racing integrity at our racetracks. We thank the Meadowlands and American Racing for working with us as excellent partners throughout this process.


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