Revised: CPMA Retention Area Protocol

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Addendum to CPMA Return to Racing Memo n,


  1. The wearing of masks at all times while in the retention area is mandatory.
    1. We are removing the requirement for horsepeople to wear gloves in the retention area as our crews have reported concerns with wet gloves and slippage.
    2. Cloth and surgical-style face masks that enclose the nose and mouth are acceptable. Scarves and bandanas are not acceptable face coverings.
    3. Please note that proper hand hygiene (hand washing) continues to be of utmost importance.
  1. Retention time will be reduced to 40 minutes (from 60 minutes)
    1. For clarity, the official retention time before drawing a blood sample is 40 minutes from time of entry to the Retention Area.

EIPH Program Payments 

  1. For Standardbred racetracks subscribing to the EIPH program, to help maintain physical distancing, we ask that payment for EIPH programs be made by (1) voucher; (2) cheque; or (3) exact change.
  1. Racing Forensics is developing an electronic reminder and payment system to support paperless transactions.

Thank you for your assistance.

Richard Tso, B.A.Sc.