Hanover Announces Racing Protocols

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On Wednesday, May 27, Hanover Raceway released its Phase One protocols applicable for all racing operations at the raceway, including race days, qualifiers and training.

All racing participants and staff are required to familiarize with and practice the protocols.

Hanover Raceway opens for training on Wednesday, May 27, from 12 noon to 5 p.m. The first qualifying day is Saturday, May 30. Live racing resumes on Saturday, June 6. All live racing, qualifiers and training will be held without spectators.

Hanover Raceway – PROTOCOLS

Applicable to all operations including Race Days, Qualifiers and Training Dates – Phase 1

General Rules of Paddock Operation:

The Paddock shall be disinfected after each racing, qualifying and training day. Sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the Paddock. Entry into the Paddock shall be limited to Essential Personnel only. Non-essential personnel will not be granted access to the site.

Every person entering the Hanover Backstretch shall undergo screening and temperature checks at the Security Check Point. This will be the ONLY point of entry for all Backstretch Staff, Regulatory Officials and Racing Participants.

There shall be no loitering in or around the entrance to the paddock, as all COVID-19 protocols on physical distancing shall be adhered to.

The food booth shall remain closed. All essential personnel must bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages until further notice. There will be no microwave in the Paddock. Racing participants are encouraged to bring their own supply of drinking water during the extreme warm temperatures.

Masks are mandatory at all times for Racing Participants. It is strongly recommended Racing Participants also wear gloves when coming into contact with frequently touched areas such as water taps, cross ties and door latches.

Essential Paddock Personnel Includes:

  • Paddock Judge, Horse Identifier, Saddle Pad Attendant, two Starting Car Persons, Security, Blacksmith, Veterinarians, TC02 Tech, Test barn Techs, Property Services Labourer, Trainers, Grooms, Drivers, Judges, Official Racetrack Photographer.
  • Owners are not permitted at this time as per Provincial guidelines for sports without spectators.
  • Only Trainers with an entry will be permitted, unless entering a claim that night.
  • No one under the age of 16 shall be permitted on-site until further notice.
  • Only the Paddock Judge & Equipment Inspector will have access to the Paddock Office.
  • Paddock facilities will be cleaned as per protocols.

Hand cleaning and sanitization stations have been added to all key areas.

Race Day Operations:

Post times to be communicated from Race Office. Races will be spaced at 20 minute intervals, with a 45 minute break between Race 5 and Race 6. All horses must report to the Paddock as per their one-hour retention time.

Physical Distancing:

Racing participants are instructed to get in and get out quickly and efficiently.

Horses in the Paddock shall be placed in every other stall to ensure physical distancing is being practised, excluding multiple stable entries, who may be placed side by side. Handlers of all horses must ensure they are keeping the appropriate distance from the handler of the horse beside them and wear a face mask at all times.

Horses shall only be allowed to go one warm up trip. Trainers wishing to go two warm trips must go first warm-up at home/training centre. Each horse racing shall have a maximum of one handler. Trainers racing multiple horses may have grooms taking care of multiple horses. All horses and their handlers must leave the paddock half an hour following their race, unless the handler is tending to horses in a later race. Horses who have been post-race tested may leave the Paddock 45 minutes following their race.

The Drivers locker rooms shall remain closed at this time.

Drivers are to wear face masks and gloves at all times, except when driving during the race. While waiting between races, drivers should maintain physical distancing protocols. Upon the driver’s last race of the day, he/she should leave the paddock immediately after notifying the Paddock Judge.

CPMA Test Barn Procedures:

Post Race testing: Following each race, blood shall be drawn on all test horses after 40 minutes if the horse is unable to provide a urine sample. Hanover Raceway Security personnel shall be stationed outside of the test area to ensure all horses and their handlers are entering and exiting the test area in an appropriate fashion. They will also supply anyone entering the test barn a new mask and gloves.

  • Physical distancing to be practised at all times. when entering the test barn with a horse. Attend the opposite side of the horse, from the technician.
  • Remain vigilant and respectful of the Racing Forensic Technicians at all times.
  • Hands sanitized on the way in and way out.
  • Masks and gloves mandatory.

Starting Car:

All Starting Car Drivers and Starter will wear medical masks at all times.

The Starting Car shall be sanitized and cleaned after each use.

The protocols above apply to all Qualifying Races.

Ship- In Training Days – Wednesday, May 27th, June 3rd, June 10th and June 17th from 12 noon to 5pm by appointment only. Call Hanover Raceway General Manager Steve Fitzsimmons at 519-364-2860 Ext 101 or email sfitzsimmons@hanoverraceway.com.

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