COSA Membership Benefits

COSA Benefits Summary

COSA Membership is a free lifetime membership. By joining COSA, you will receive Liability Insurance, Members Liability Insurance, Fire and Transportation Insurance and Supplemental Disability Insurance.

Fill out our online membership form or download a PDF version of the membership application.

COSA Membership Benefits

*** Important ***
Once you have completed your enrollment form and have your proof of employment please send all paperwork to the COSA office for approval. Both Grooms enrollment applications and Paying Member applications need to be returned to COSA for approval.

COSA Membership FAQ's

  • How much does a COSA membership cost?

    COSA membership is free to eligible horsepeople. Organizational and membership costs are funded through COSA’s share of handle revenue at Woodbine Mohawk Park.

  • What do I need in order to enrol in the Benefits Program?

    COSA provides a Benefit program to its members. To be eligible to enrol in the COSA Benefits Program, you MUST have the following:

    • OHIP card
    • Valid Standardbred Canada license
    • Valid AGCO license

    In addition to the above requirements, groom/caretaker benefits are provided at no cost to eligible members, provided the member is employed full-time by a trainer who has a minimum of one start per year at any Standardbred race track in Ontario. Caretakers working at breeding farms are also eligible for benefits.

    Grooms/caretakers must provide one of the following when enrolling in the plan:

    • T-4 from the previous year
    • 3 cancelled payroll cheques or
    • 3 proof of e-transfer deposits to their bank account

    Grooms/caretakers who are paid cash by their employers are not eligible for COSA paid benefits.

    Owners, drivers, trainers, blacksmiths and other COSA members may access subsidized member paid benefit plans.

  • How do I enrol in the Benefits Program?

    For Grooms please fill out the Benefits Enrolment Form along with the Direct Deposit Form.
    For Owners/Trainers/Drivers/Blacksmiths and other COSA members (Paying Members) please fill out the Enrolment Form, Direct Deposit Form, Preauthorized Payment form and the Paying member Medical Form.

  • Where do I submit my completed enrolment form?

    Completed form can be emailed, faxed, mailed or dropped off at the COSA office. See Contact page for information.

  • How long is the waiting period before I can start using my Benefits?

    It usually takes 7-10 days to receive your enrolment package in the mail. Once you have received a confirmation from RWAM you can start using your medical benefits immediately. There is a one month waiting period for dental benefits.

  • How do I apply for Benefits if I have been involved in an accident?

    Contact Denise Kunz at Standardbred Canada (905) 858-3060 [ext. 240] and she will start the claim process. Once you have received your first disability cheque, fax, mail or deliver in person a copy of such and COSA will then top up the amount received from Great West Life by an extra 50%.

  • How can I enrol in the Ontario Standardbred Horsepeople's RRSP?

    Any Ontario Standardbred Horseperson who is eligible can enrol in the RRSP. See here for details and forms.

Free Trailer Wraps for COSA Members Only

As part of COSA's marketing campaign, we are offering free trailer wraps to all COSA members who reside in Ontario.

For full details and a huge gallery of newly wrapped trailers see our main page here.